Welcome to Danny's Universe!

Thank you for visiting my page.  I appreciate your time.  This is a big step for me!  In this blog post I will explain what Danny's Universe is, where the idea came from, and some of my reasons for doing this.
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You should know upfront, I've made a conscious decision to write this blog in the much the same way I talk.  I may even misspell a word from time to time, but I will do my best not to do so.  

I find pretentious people boring and often unimaginative.  I am neither of those things.  I'm not perfect, and I'm ok with that.

What is Danny's Universe?
The easiest way for me to explain this is by telling you a story. 

A few days ago, I was sitting in a restaurant alone (by choice lol).  As I sat there flipping through my phone, I was thinking about what I wanted to do that day. 

Most of the time I have a flexible schedule.  I've worked hard to make it that way.

I've owned, bought and sold several businesses in my life.  These days, having too full of a schedule gives me anxiety.  I decided years ago after selling a home improvement company I owned, I only do what I want to do...for the most part. 

I figured out a way to make a living going to restaurants, live shows, traveling and visiting my friends.  I get to serve people by doing what I enjoy doing. 

I haven't set an alarm clock more than two days in a row in nearly two decades.    

Although my life isn't perfect, there is a lot of freedom involved, and I think God for that.  

I wish everyone could know what it feels like not to have to ask "a boss" if they can take a few minutes to run a personal errand, enjoy a long lunch with friends or even go to the restroom.  

I have had to do those things for short periods of time in my life.  Having to ask permission to live life is, for lack of better terminology, a real bummer

I believe that 99% of working adults CAN have a better quality of life, if they want to bad enough, and if they have the genetic makeup to withstand the financial storms and rejection that inevitably come with this territory from time to time.

For me, the good far outweighs the bad.  I plan to share some of the lessons I have learned along the way, as well as some I am still learning today.    

Back to the Restaurant 
As I sat there, I was going over some paperwork for a client of mine.  You see, I provide social media and marketing assistance to businesses, while also running several, entities of my own; one such entity is Branson's Tour Guide.  

I help people learn about all things Branson, MO and have a lot of fun doing it.

While waiting for my lunch to arrive, a familiar thought popped into my head.  "I should start a blog."  

I've thought about writing a blog for years.  In fact, I briefly tried it in 2008, but then became too busy with a magazine I owned at the time.  I shelved the idea. 

Who would read it anyway?  

Then to give myself some positive feedback, I was reminded that I already write articles and make videos seen by thousands of people each week.  
#HumbleBrag but true.
Over the years, the thought that my life might not be interesting enough for others to read about kept popping into my head.

Then I realized, I wouldn't be doing this only for others.  I am doing it for myself too.  I heard Oprah say once that, every person has a story."  

Anyway, I have a few reasons for doing this.

My Reasons
(1.)  I feel that I lead a fairly interesting life and I would like my descendants to know something about dear old great-great-great grandpa.

(2.)  Several times each week, someone says these exact words to me, "I never thought about that."  Many times, I look at things differently than others.  Maybe I'm smart, maybe just a weird-o, but I know how to think outside of the box.  

It's my hope to be able to give more people something to think about and ponder as they pass time on the internet.

(3.)  I am a very curious person.  I like to learn things!  I enjoy interviewing people.  I love to hear a good story, and try to glean wisdom from the experiences of others. 

(4.)  I need an additional creative outlet.  Believe it or not, as much as I love what I do, I like to talk about more things than Branson, MO.  
I enjoy traveling, reading, making and watching movies, juicing carrots, talking about politics, religion & philosophy and many other things.
So, although I hope I can provide value and entertainment to others, this is really something I am doing for me.  

It's my wish that you will decide to come along for my journey.  I wholeheartedly believe it will be fun and profitable for both of us.  

The universe that is my life is ever expanding.  If you are at least trying to be a good person, I hope it will include you!

Welcome to Danny's Universe!


  1. Me think's were gonna get along "Just Fine"......Even BETTER if I could post a Crazy Picture of "You & I"..........!

  2. I love following your news and views of Branson,Danny ! I look forward to reading your stories and thoughts on the other things that you are interested in😊 God bless your new blog!

  3. Very interested to read more of your thoughts, story's, journeys on this highway of life. I truly appreciate all you do (knowing you don't have to do it). Wish I lived in Branson, because then I could be your driver while you live stream and talk!! However, I would want to be at SDC everyday!! Keep up the great work and look forward to your next installment. Going to try to make it up that way sometime in 2020. Take care.

    1. Thank you Brian! I appreciate it more than you know. Btw, wouldn't it be cool if SDC was a real town where we could live?

  4. I would love that... Always thought about how I could hide out upstairs in the Apple Butter shop and stay overnight. Of course there are many more places there as well.

    1. One thing is for sure, the Apple Butter would be good!