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Breaking up can be hard, but often worth it.

Since I am at least partially writing this blog as a way for my great, great, great grandchildren to learn about me,

I thought I should discuss a principle that I have used to my advantage many times in my life.

I have used this technique over and over in a wide variety of ways, but especially in business.  I call it, The Law of Breaking Up.

I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth.  If you don't understand what that means, google it, if they still have a form of Google when you read this. lol 

Once you grasp this "law" I believe it will change your life.  It will most definitely change the way you see things in business.

The first time I can very clearly remember using The Law of Breaking Up was when I was around 7 years old.  The last time I used it, was this week.

Please don't skim the rest of this article, and think you know everything I am about to say, because you don't.

When I was in the 1st or 2nd grade, some older kids were sucking on cinnamon toothpicks.  I asked what it was, and they offered me one. 

A couple of things to know:
(1.)  We were friends in a small school.
(2.)  I had no clue what drugs were at the time, and they most likely didn't know much more than me.   
(3.)  In today's world it would be pretty dumb to take something like that from an older kid.  Ya just never know!

Anyway, if you've never had a cinnamon toothpick, here's what they did.  They took a small glass jar, filled it with (probably diluted) cinnamon oil and toothpicks and let them soak overnight.  The longer they soaked them, the hotter they were.

They probably thought I wouldn't like it because they were so hot, but I did.  (Even then, I loved hot stuff.)  I remember quickly learning not to let it touch the skin outside of my mouth though - it burned! 

Friends my age on the other hand,  did not like them.  It turns out most kids didn't like stuff that was that hot.

At the same time all of this was going on, and in a seemingly unrelated event, my dad was an entrepreneur.  He was a salesman and so were a lot of his friends.  

I would sit and listen to them talk about the deals they had made, the people they had helped and the dumb people who had refused to do business with them. 

If you're wondering about how all of this relates to The Law of Breaking Up, I'm getting there.

One day I took a couple of pieces of cinnamon candy to school with me.  It was good for my breath and I liked the taste.  A friend of mine asked for a piece.  He liked it.  Then another friend asked.

Later that week, I bought a big bag of cinnamon candy at the local grocery store.  You could buy it by the pound, so I probably spent less than a dollar and had a bunch of it.

The next day at school, I put the word out that I was selling cinnamon candy for 5¢ each.  I would take that money and re-invest it in more candy.  

After a few days of doing this, my little 7 year old mind began to notice a few trends.

Some kids thought the cinnamon candy was too hot.
I added some peppermint and butterscotch to my next purchase.
Some kids had a quarter, but not nickles or dimes.  (I hated to give change, even though I had it.)
I started selling 6 pieces for 25¢,  thus I increased the overall number of pieces I sold, and I didn't have to take time to make change.  

The reason the time was important was because I was selling before school (if I got there early enough), during recess and lunch.   I only had a few minutes.

I remember thinking it was pretty cool that I was a salesman, and had all of the candy I wanted, for free.

I don't remember exactly how long I was in the "candy business", but I do know that one of the reasons I quit selling it was that I started to give away too much candy.  

If a friend asked for a piece, but didn't have money, I would put my friend before money, and give it to him/her.  I think we should still do that. 

Another reason was that I figured out other ways to make money.  Some things are easier than making nickels and dimes a few minutes at a time, even at 7 years old. 

You might be thinking, that doesn't sound much like The Law of Breaking Up to me.  I would answer that it was on a very primitive level, remember I was still pretty darn young.

Other Examples
We all know how a multiunit dwelling works, such as a duplex or apartment building.  The buyer purchases a building, divides it up into 2 or more apartments, charges rent, pays the mortgage and other expenses, then pockets the difference.  That is only one example of The Law of Breaking Up. 

You can do this concept with lots of things.  Below are a few examples of things I have done, and you can too.

Example 1.
Print Publications
When I was growing up, everyone knew and (mostly) respected the Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated and Vogue.   They all had their own niche.  They were known for their interesting articles, and beautiful photography.

In the early 2000s I noticed a trend in the print industry. More and more of the cities to which I traveled had their own, local full color magazines.

They were printed on high-gloss paper, with articles about things going on in the local community.  When done right, the pictures that were inside were professionally shot and, at a glance, as beautiful as some of the nationally known publications mentioned above.

I had always had an interest in advertising.  This was mostly due to old movies and TV shows. (Citizen Kane, The Thrill Of It All, Bewitched) 

I had also sold advertising and designed ads for an small paper for a while.  It was called The Thrifty Nickle, mostly black and white stuff, but it was a step in the direction I wanted to go.   

I was doing pretty good at it until one of my clients made me an offer I couldn't refuse.  This led to a sidetrack that lasted several years.  I will save that story for another time.

After spotting the trend of local and regional magazines, I decided to investigate what I would need to do to start my own publication.  I would need graphic artists, photographers, a good editor, legal council, and more.

Believe it or not, once I made up my mind that I wanted to start a magazine, all of those people I just mentioned... they just sort of dropped into my life.  Within a few months EVERYTHING just started to happen.

I had heard of The Law of Attraction, and the Biblical teaching of sowing and reaping.  After that experience, I am a believer, because it happened to me.  It was rather eerie, almost as if I was willing it to happen, and an outside force was making it so.  Crazy huh?  

Anyway, this is where The Law Of Breaking Up comes in.  One of the people I met was a print broker.  Although I made a mistake that I would later find out cost me thousands of dollars, I learned a lot.

You see when you print a magazine the way we did, they don't just print to any page number.  You need to print in certain increments to get the best price.

For instance, you would not print a 30 page publication, but rather a 32 pager including the front and back cover.

So the way The Law Of Breaking Up would apply here is, you would take the total cost of the 32 pages, let's say $25,000.00 and divide it by the number of pages.  

In this scenario, that would make each page cost $781.25.

The printer doesn't care if there is one tiny dot, an award-winning article, or a picture of Abraham Lincoln on each page.  The cost is the same.

So my job was to "break up" the page and sell enough advertising to support this endeavor, and I did for several years.

Example 2
Shows (Home, Bridal, Fashion etc.)
As much as I hate to say it, the fist time I used The Law Of Breaking Up to put on a home show, it was not a good thing.

Although I made money, the attendance to the show was not good.  I was only in my 20s and thought it was a bigger deal than it really was.

You know it's not good when there's no line to get in, and people keep saying things like, "It's ok. Sometimes things like this happen." and "the weather sometimes helps, and sometimes hurts."

That was the bad part, and it really was bad. 

However, I made money thanks to booth sales, concession sales, and sponsorships.  

More important than making money though, I learned a lot.  Evidently I didn't learn fast enough, because my next show was not very successful either.  I still made money and a few more of the vendors made money too.

My third, fourth and so on shows though, everyone made money.  It is a nice feeling to hear, "I just sold a $10,000 kitchen remodeling job because I was here. Thank you."

Just as with the magazine example above, shows and exhibitions are a great place to use The Law Of Breaking Up

In a nutshell, here's how it works.  You find a space for your event.  You get all of the costs involved, including insurance, people for set up and clean up, advertising, and several other things on top of the rental for the space.

Then, if it is a space that will have booths, you make a map to get an idea of how many booths you will have. 

Let's say your total projected cost will be $20,000.00 and you will have 75 booths.  (I am way oversimplifying here)  By "breaking up" the space, each booth would cost an average of $266.67. 

This can be done with live shows and concerts as well.  I have produced and co-produced several live shows and a movie that was shown on the big screen in our local IMAX Theater.  

Live performance events work basically the same way as above, but with theater seats vs. booths.

I will write more on this in the future.  For now, if you have a question, please ask below.  I will check from time-to-time and do my best to help.

Thank you for reading,
Love one another  

Disclaimer: I believe the philosophy I put forth here.  I believe my points are valid.  However, all situations are not equal.  If you are in dire need, please speak to a respected faith leader or professional counselor in your area.  The thoughts and opinions here are my own and should not take the place of professional advice.


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