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I have a confession to make.
I LOVE trolling people.  Is it ok? 

Below you will find a few, good-natured stories that I hope will bring a smile to your face.

Sometimes I let people (and me) off the hook, and sometimes I don't.  Either way, it's fun.

If you're not familiar with the term trolling, think of it as playing a practical joke of sorts.

I like pulling up to a drive-thru window at a fast food joint, and then quickly asking my passengers, "What kind of accent should I use?"

Then I proceed to order using said accent.  The real test comes when we get to the window and try not to smile.  It's even more of a challenge inside the restaurant.

Most of the time, (as I'm leaving) I will break character and say, "Have a great day" or something like that in my regular voice.  

Doing this almost always makes the person smile, or laugh.  I get a kick out of it, and I think it makes their day a little better.

Every once in a while, I just walk away leaving them wondering, "What kind of nut did I just talk to?  I have to tell my family about what just happened." 

Extemporaneous humor takes quick thinking and a certain skill set.  I believe we are either born with it, or not.  

However, it is something that can be developed to an extent with practice I suppose.  

So if you enjoy putting people on, but are not good at it, there is hope.  Watch some Andy Kaufman videos, and maybe some Ed Bassmaster too.

Trolling for beginners
You may not feel like talking like a hillbilly to the pretty girl at the Chic fil-A counter right off the bat.   I did it though, and she thought it was hilarious. 

How to get started
To ease into things, ask dumb and redundant questions in the comment section on social media posts.

Then move up to doing it in person.  Also, mumbling and speaking low on purpose can be fun.  

This kind of thing helps you make friends, enemies, and most importantly gain self confidence.

Example of Online Fun
A friend of mine recently posted on social media about the proper use of correct grammar.  He discussed the differences in the words, There, Their and They're.

Amidst all of the commenters berating the poor helpless souls who don't know the difference, I couldn't resist replying, "Their is so much I like about this post. Your a blessing!"

A few minutes later I checked back, and sure enough someone took the bait.  He said,"Or maybe, "You're a blessing!" ;) "

To which I replied, "Your a bigger blessing than you no."  This was my way of letting him know, that I know. 

Next Level Trolling
Many years ago I was supposed to go out with a large group of friends.  My friend Matt's sister-in-law was visiting.  We were supposed to show her around town, go to dinner... 

She didn't know me.  We had never met.  Opportunity was knocking! 

I showed up in a very shall we say clashy outfit.  The best way to describe it would be to imagine what homeless people used to look like before we had so many charitable organizations.

Think Comedian, Harley Worthit (Perry Edenburn), and you will get an idea.  

I was wearing some very loud 1970's plaid pants from the back of my dad's closet, an equally loud striped shirt, messed up hair, and who knows what else.

When they introduced me to the nice young lady, I stuck my hand out in a rather deformed way, and using a very heavy speech impediment said, "Hi. Nice to meet you."  

When my friends started to laugh, I began to act angry, and nearly crying said, "You told me you wouldn't laugh at me no more!"

When they apologized I asked if I could go upstairs to "use the toilet."

I then went upstairs to fix my hair and change into the clothes I would be wearing that night.

While up there I yelled downstairs, "Matt, do you have any extra underwear I can use? I had a little accident."

When I went back downstairs looking as cool as I once did, I re-introduced my suave self to the girl.  

She smiled, but treated me a little funny for the rest of the night.  Who could blame her?! 

Another Story
I also used a similar voice a few years ago on a bowling outing with my church group.

I was talking with a friend, fellow member, and son-in-law of our Pastor in the bowling alley when our Pastor walked up to us.

He said, "Hey fellas, I'd like to introduce you to someone.  He is going to intern as our youth pastor."

As Brian and I followed behind, I leaned over and whispered, "the first one to laugh loses." 

The Pastor proudly introduced us in a dignified way.  I stuck my deformed hand out, and loudly said, "Hi! Nice to meet you."  I was again using my mentally challenged act if you get my drift.

The semi-uncomfortable look on our Pastor's face was priceless!  None of us laughed or acted as if anything was out of the ordinary.  After a few minutes, I broke character and we had a laugh.

(Btw, I would NEVER had done this if there had been a truly handicapped person present.)

Anyway, it was a nice way to break the ice and put the new guy at ease.  He ended up becoming our Assistant Pastor, and a good friend.  We both laugh fondly about the unique way we met.  

We all have these silly memories, and I have some stories to tell.

You may be wondering what all of this has to do with anything, and why I do such things.

The reason is simple.  

It's fun.  

Deeper than that though, it's a way of testing myself, while bringing a smile to a strangers face.

Whether they are laughing at me, or with me, doesn't matter.  I am pretty self-confident in moments like these.

If they don't get the joke, who cares? Not me.  I did it to amuse myself and my friends.  Yeah, it may be a little self-centered of me, but I can live with that.  

We all have faults. 

Some people are so serious about everything that not only can't they make a joke, they can't take one.  

Have you ever made someone laugh so hard they fell in the floor?  I would love to hear about it in the comments section below!

If someone has only highbrow, intellectual tastes in humor, that's their own business.  I just choose to point out the absurdity of it all.

I remember an exchange from the 1980's ABC TV series Moonlighting that went something like this:

David did something Maddie didn't approve of...
Maddie (Cybill Sheherd) "Well, I never!"
David (Bruce Willis) "and you never will!"

Sometimes, I poke a little fun, but truly mean no harm.  I am just as messed up as they are, but in a different way.

The difference is that the highbrow person often seems to believe that they are not "messed up" at all.  That is what I find so funny.

Most of the time, that seriousness is actually insecurity masquerading as superiority.  They would never dream of doing anything to make themselves look silly.

One more story
I was at Walmart late one night.  I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.  I spotted one of the overnight shelf stockers.  

I had said hi to this fella in passing several times.  He always seemed happy, and said hi back to me.

Just as I walked up to him, the thought crossed my mind to ask him a question using the same heavy speech impediment i talked about above. 

I am sure glad I didn't do it! When he replied to my question, he had the exact same speech impediment that I was going to use.

He would have thought I was making fun of him.  That would have crushed me, and probably hurt him too.   

After that interaction, I made a point of talking to him every time I saw him.  We developed a bit of a friendship that would have been ruined by my silly joke, if I had done it.

I remember the exact millisecond that I decided not to use "the voice".   This may sound silly to some, but I have always wondered if my guardian angel had softly whispered in my ear.     

Either way, I am so glad I didn't do it.

As I pointed out in my very first post, I am writing this blog to let my great, great, great grandchildren know what kind of guy great, great, great grandpa Danny was.  

Dear Decedents,
I hope you know two things about me.

(1.)  I try my best to be a good guy and serve God as a Christian.  I'm not always successful, but I sure do try.  

(2.)  Life is short.  I like to have fun, and have a sense of humor about myself, and life in general. 

Thanks for reading,
Love one another 

P.S.  What I'm talking about here is harmless stuff. It is always done in a good-natured way.  I would not purposely hurt anyone for a laugh.

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