Are Halloween & Christmas Good or Bad Holidays?

From the little I've read about the history of Halloween, I think it probably started out as a bad thing.
However, I have never known anyone personally to use it as a day to worship the devil.  On the
contrary, millions of kids have had something fun in their life for as long as I can remember.

When I was a kid, it was always a day that sort of broke up the dreariness of the first part of the school year.   It gave us something fun to do, and to look forward to.

I remember watching The Great Pumpkin and other TV specials.  Sometimes I still do. LOL

Yes, I do believe there are demonic forces at work in our world, and many of today's horror films cross the line of fun to the dark side.  That's not what I'm talking about here.

Some kids who never get candy or "anything extra" given to them, get to walk around neighborhoods with their parents, and have strangers show love toward them. 

Sure, we hear stories of a few scatters event around the country where something different happens.  That is by far the exception to the rule.

Of all of the kids I have ever known, I can not say I remember anyone sacrificing animals or putting razor blades into candy.

I look at it like this, sometimes things start out bad, but end up good.  

I know a really good guy who doesn't believe in putting up Christmas trees.  I believe him to be a Godly man who has all of the best intentions in the world.

He has all of these dates where pagans celebrated this or that, and so on.  The tree was supposed to a symbol... you get the idea.
For me though, when I think of Christmas being celebrated on December 25th, I think of only good things.

I think of the love of God who sent his Son so that I could have eternal life, and be with Him.

Once again, I know bad things have happened.  Heck, bad things happen everywhere, but I have overwhelmingly only witness good things on Halloween and Christmas.

How about you?  Do you have a real, true, first-hand story of something truly evil that happened to you on Halloween, that you can share with us in the comment section below? 

Thanks for reading,
Remember to love one another.


  1. I feel most look at Halloween as a fun time, not evil. With that being said, I have know wiccans who celebrate it in a different way. Also, I know people who do use it as an excuse to sacrifice animals and do all sorts of strange, evil things.
    As for Christmas, I believe as long as you know Jesus is the reason for the season there is room Santa as well. Some of my family do not agree, but have slowly come around. I think God knows where your heart is and that is what counts.

  2. Thank you for commenting. If you know someone doing those bad things, please please let the authorities know.
    I love what you said about Jesus being the reason for the season!