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One of my all-time favorite foods is sushi!  Specifically, I enjoy salmon sushi.  I like it both fresh and smoked.  I also like sashimi a lot too.   
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The other day I visited a restaurant, and as I was

waiting for my meal I had an epiphany.  It occurred to me that there are several similarities between myself and the food I love.

Even if you hate sushi, this concerns you too!

I live in a small town in Missouri with a population of just over 10,000 people.  Something that makes our little town different from most other small towns, is that we have a few million people visit us each year.

Branson, Missouri is a tourist destination located in the Ozark Mountains.  We don't have as many hillbillies as we used to, but there are still a few scattered around.  I wish we had more!

In fact, in 1969 the most famous hillbillies of all time came to visit.  The CBS television network brought The Beverly Hillbillies to Branson - Silver Dollar City to be exact.

The 1880's themed amusement park was heavily featured in a few episodes of the hit TV show. 

Many still tell stories of the days when Jed (Buddy Ebsen), Granny (Irene Ryan), Elly May (Donna Douglas), and Jethro (Max Baer Jr.) walked the streets of Silver Dollar City.

Today you can see the original iconic Beverly Hillbillies truck on display at the Ralph Foster Museum on the grounds of the College of the Ozarks. 

That visit brought national attention to our small town, and many other things - including Japanese cuisine.  I'll get to the sushi thing in a minute.

Over the years more and more people from all around the world have decided to visit Branson.  Some come here to live, and many dream of doing so.        

After they loaded up the TV cameras and headed back to Beverly (well California anyway), our town continued to flourish and grow.  

Live music shows, hotels & condominiums, and a variety of tourist attractions popped up all over the area.  

With this growth, we've been visited by many nationally known celebrities.  In 1992, Andy Williams (superstar crooner, recording artist, TV personality and more) opened the doors to his Moon River Theatre.  

Andy brought with him, not only a lot of publicity, but friends and fans from around the world.  I will never forget looking outside my back door, and seeing Andy Williams playing golf in my backyard.

When folks came to visit, naturally they wanted to eat.  If they were only visiting, local fare was fine. 

However, as people from around the country migrated to the area, more restaurant options became available. 

Foods that were once thought exotic, or even unheard of, are now dietary mainstays.  One such popular food is (you guessed it) sushi.

In my line of work, I take a lot of pictures and post them to social media.  Some of my pictures are of the food I eat, and the restaurants I visit.  

By far, I get the most mixed opinions (rivaling politics and religion) when I talk about, and show pictures of sushi.

Typical responses vary from "I love sushi" and "yummy!" to "That is so disgusting" and "yuck".

I happen to love it!

I'm like sushi, and so are you!
Back to the epiphany I mentioned in the beginning.  

As I used my chopsticks to dip a bite of my Alaskan Roll into some soy sauce, I thought about the responses I was sure to get when I posted the picture I had just taken.

That's when it hit me.  People are like sushi!

No matter what we do, some people are going to love us, and some people are going to hate us.

It used to be that only those who stated an opinion on a given subject drew the ire of those with opposing views.  

Today though, people are judged guilty merely by the color of their skin, the language they speak, the friends they have, and more. 

Nowadays, without even voicing an opinion, judgements are made.  It seems everyone is guilty until proven innocent of whatever so-called crime the...(this is me stopping myself for going on a BIG rant. LOL)

Lesson 1.
The takeaway from my sushi epiphany was something I have known for a long time, but this time things just clicked in my thoughts.

A gorgeous piece of expertly prepared sushi can be sitting on a plate along side a dollop of wasabi and some shaved ginger.  

When one person sees it, they see something good and delectable.  Another person looking at the exact same sushi, can see something gross and disgusting.

Either way, it's not the sushi's fault.  

It is merely the perception and opinion of the person looking at it that determines the value of the sushi, to them

(To read more about perceived value, click here.) 

To be more precise, the sushi can do nothing to change the feeling of the person who hates sushi.  That change is up to the person. 

Lesson 2
Obviously, this analogy has it's limits.  A person can sometimes change their own actions, appearance etc. to manipulate the feelings of the person "looking at them" into changing their mind.

We've all heard a story where a pretty young girl first met a young man, and thought he was the most annoying, sarcastic... person she had ever met.

Fast forward 10 years later, they're married, have children and live in the same house.  Something changed.  

It may have been the girl that changed.  It may have been the guy who changed, or it may have been both of them.  

Note: I personally don't think people change all that much once they reach adulthood, with the exceptions of religious conversions and/or brain injuries.

Final Lesson
The real lesson of my sushi roll parable is that no matter what we do, some people will love us, and some will hate us.  We can't win everyone over to our side.

Ricky Nelson sang in The Garden Party, "You can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself." 

In William Shakespeare's play Hamlet, Polonius said, "This above all: to thine own self be true."

There are many rabbit trails that could be followed on this subject.  Feel free to comment below, and I will be happy to follow you down the trail.

Until next time, 
Love one another

Disclaimer: I believe the philosophy I put forth here.  I believe my points are valid.  However, all situations are not equal.  If you are in dire need, please speak to a respected faith leader or professional counselor in your area.  The thoughts and opinions here are my own and should not take the place of professional advice.

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